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We have provided links below that will allow you to access and read/print PDF files containing our Registration, confidential medical information, suggested clothing list, river safety rules and regulations and client privacy forms.

We provide...
Wilderness Spirit provides return transportation from Winnipeg, Manitoba for all excursions other than the Kazan adventure.  The Kazan adventure departs from Baker Lake, Nunavut. All except the Manigotagan River and flatwater trips include 1 or more float plane flights.

We provide all the essentials for a safe, comfortable canoeing adventure. This includes canoes, paddles, helmets, PFDs, tents, safety equipment and waterproof barrels to store your personal gear during the trip. All canoes are tandem boats and are specifically made for extended canoe trips. Each canoe is outfitted with flotation bags and a spray skirt when necessary.

All trips other than those on the Manigotagan River and flatwater include 2 nights hotel accomodation in Winnipeg.

Our trail menu has an international flavour that will appeal to everyone. If you have special dietary needs we will be able to accommodate you with advance notice.

You provide...
Meals in Winnipeg and coverage for additional expenses due to safety delays or emergency evacuation.

Your own personal gear, discounts are available if you provide some of your own equipment (tents and canoes). Personal toiletries for the duration of the trip. Suitable clothes for paddling, including warm and cool weather gear, rain jackets and pants will be required. Wilderness Spirit will provide you with a comprehensive clothing list. Flashlights, books and journals will also help extend your days. Cameras will be an asset to record your journey. Don't forget your adventurous spirits.

Most of our trips are geared to anyone in reasonably good shape. As with any activity, regular exercise prior to the trip will increase your enjoyment. Swimming skills are not mandatory but would be an asset, especially on hot, sunny days. We will paddle approximately 4 to 6 hours per day. However, flexibility is very important to fully enjoy any trip, so paddling time will vary. As the weather is unpredictable, be prepared to paddle on hot, sunny as well as cool, rainy days. Dressing appropriately will maximize your enjoyment.

Group philosophy
Wilderness Spirit trips are cooperative efforts requiring the participation of all members of the group. Trip members have the opportunity to share the communal responsibilities for all aspects of wilderness travel. While your guides will offer direction and instructions to the group, they will also accommodate individual interests.

Qualifications of guides
Each trip will be accompanied by two or three guides. They have many years of experience on the water and will provide you with a safe, informative wilderness canoeing experience. They have extensive first aid certification and have Swiftwater Rescue Technician level 2 certification. All of our guides have advanced degrees in biology, natural resources or environmental studies. They have diverse interests but share a love of the outdoors.

Custom trips
If your group is unable to take one of our regularly scheduled trips and you would like to organize a longer trip on one of the rivers described above or a different river, Wilderness Spirit can organize and set up a guided trip for you. We have permits for a number of other rivers in Manitoba so we can arrange a trip to fit your needs. Please call with the particular information and we will begin the necessary arrangements. Prices will vary depending on the transportation requirements of the trip. Other available rivers include the Leyond, Berens and Kazan.

Payment and cancellation details
Prices quoted are Canadian and US dollars. However, due to fluctuating exchange rates the US price is approximate. For international travelers we will use the prevailing exchange rates at the time of booking.

Because most of our expenses are incurred before your trip, a 25% deposit must accompany all registrations to cover pre-departure expenses. Balance of fees are due 30 days before trip departure. Cash (money orders) or cheque made payable to Wilderness Spirit are accepted. 2% per month interest is charged on overdue accounts. Cancellations: A $75 administration charge is applied to all cancellations.

Cancellation on days before trip % of fee we retain
>45 full refund
35-45 25%
25-34 50%
20-24 75%
<19 100%

If we/you find a suitable replacement we will refund all but the $75 administration fee. Wilderness Spirit reserves the right to reschedule, re-route or change trips due to unforeseen problems such as low water levels or bad weather. A replacement trip will be substituted if required. If variables such as weather, forest fire, pilot judgment or aircraft mechanical difficulties cause delays these delays will be made up at the expense of trip leisure time. Wilderness Spirit reserves the right to cancel any trip (with 14 days notice) if registration is below 50% capacity. If this should occur we will try to offer you a suitable substitute trip. Should Wilderness Spirit have to cancel a trip entirely we will refund your money in full.

If injury, illness or safety should require the evacuation of one or more persons these evacuation costs will be paid by the individual(s). We suggest that you purchase insurance that covers such situations.

 All prices shown do not include the 5% Goods and Services Tax.

Group sizes will vary, but will not exceed 13 people, including the guides. This is an advantage for many reasons, primarily safety. A smaller group size is also an advantage when camping spots are limited and to ensure that our no-trace-camping policy is maintained.

Singles, couples, friends, families are all welcome on our trips. Some trips will require more canoeing experience so please check the trip descriptions.

If you have special needs that you would like us to consider, for example, a larger group size on one trip, give us a call or contact us for more information.

We will send you detailed information about your canoeing adventure at the time of registration. 

In North America call tollfree 1 866 287 1591 or 1 204 452 7049
or email

Wilderness Spirit, 696 McMillan Ave., Winnipeg, 
Manitoba, Canada R3M 0V1

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