Instruction and safety courses

Wilderness Spirit offers canoeing instruction on a customized/demand basis. New to canoeing? Interested in flatwater or whitewater paddling? We offer courses that will allow you to acquire new skills in a safe, enjoyable environment. If you wish to hone your whitewater playboating or wilderness whitewater canoeing skills, we can customize a course to suit your requirements. Interested in CRCA whitewater certification? We offer CRCA Level 1 moving water certification.

Time of year: June-September. Please call for course dates.
Course cost: Please call for pricing.


River rescue and safety courses
Whether you do day-trips or extended expeditions, everyone should possess the skills needed for both self-rescue and to assist others in an emergency situation. Our river rescue and safety course will not only acquaint you with simple ways to keep yourself and others out of trouble, but will also teach you the skills needed to assess and respond to a rescue situation quickly and effectively.

Our river rescue and safety course teaches self-rescue by helping you to recognize problem situations. You will also learn about the equipment that you will need for weekend or month long trips. Rope techniques such as tag-lines and pig-rigs will be used and practiced so you can set them up quickly and efficiently when needed. In addition to personnel rescue and safety, retrieving pinned canoes and kayaks will also be practiced.

All our courses are conducted by Certified Swiftwater Rescue Technicians.

Course date: June 24 (evening orientation in Winnipeg), June 26 and 27 at Cook's Falls on the Whitemouth River. Please call for details. This course is taught in conjunction with Paddle Manitoba.

Course cost: $195 (Can), $135 (US)

In North America call tollfree 1 866 287 1591 or 1 204 452 7049
or email

Wilderness Spirit, 696 McMillan Ave., Winnipeg, 
Manitoba, Canada R3M 0V1

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