"I still often think about this 3 weeks I had in Canada this year.  It was a really great time and I'd love very much to repeat this."   Holger Pruessner, Germany

12 days in Nunavut Territory

Thelon River
This 12-day journey is the quintessential northern canoeing experience.  The Canadian Heritage Thelon flows through classic tundra barrenground punctuated by the forest oasis of the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary. Paddlers have an unmatched opportunity to see migrating caribou, wolves, muskoxen, barren ground grizzlies, eagles, falcons and swans. The river valley is also rich with evidence of human history.   Remnants of Dene and Inuit habitation dot the landscape.  Recent European explorers/trappers also left traces of their passing. There are numerous opportunities for day hikes in pursuit of musk-oxen, tundra wolves and plant species found nowhere else in the barrenlands. 

Trip duration:    12 days 
Cost: $4495 (Can), $3100 (US) out of Baker Lake. The Thelon adventure includes 2 flights,
3 nights accommodation in Baker Lake and a Tundra excursion with Inuit guides. 
Dates:  June 28 - July 9, 2003.    
Skill level:   No paddling experience required. 
Detailed Itinerary

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