Puffin, Arrow and XT Folding Kayaks

The Arrow

The new Arrow line is similar to Puffins. In fact, each model in the Arrow line corresponds closely to a Puffin. The Arrow A10 is like a Puffin Sport, A12 like a Puffin Kayak 12, A14 like a Swift, and Arrow Double like a Puffin II. The materials and graphics are new and they come in different colours. And why change the material? There are some environmental concerns about production of PVC, and we expect growing pressure to provide alternatives. We are starting with introduction of the Arrows.


Puffin Kayak

The Puffin kayaks are one of the simplest folding boats available.


The New XT (available in spring of 2009)

With the new XTs, Pakboat defines a new class of folding kayak. The boats are very fast, and overall
paddling performance is exceptional. A new stiff frame structure allows a longer more efficient
hull to be built with consistent rocker, and a multi-chine cross-section which further enhances performance.



Spray skirts, foot rests, repair kits, and decks for those kayaks with optional decks  

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