Customize your trip

If your group is unable to take one of our regularly scheduled trips and you would like to organize a longer trip on one of the rivers described on this site, or a different river, Wilderness Spirit can organize and set up a guided trip for you.

We have permits for a number of other rivers in Manitoba so we can arrange a trip to fit your needs.

Please call us on 204 452 7049 or email us at with the particular information and we will begin the necessary arrangements.

Prices will vary depending on the transportation requirements of the trip. Other available rivers include the Leyond, Berens, Kazan, Thlewiaza and Tha-Ane. 

In North America call tollfree 1 866 287 1591 or 1 204 452 7049
or email

Wilderness Spirit, 696 McMillan Ave., Winnipeg, 
Manitoba, Canada R3M 0V1

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