Wilderness Spirit offers guided canoeing adventures in the pristine Canadian Shield and arctic wilderness of Manitoba and Nunavut Territory.

There's no better way to experience the vast, remote northern wilderness than our featured adventure on the Canadian Heritage Seal River. Paddle exciting rapids, float past Harbour Seals, fish for countless grayling and relax on beautiful sand beaches. Hike the endless eskers and discover numerous prehistoric archeological sites. Take a beluga whale watching tour upon arriving in Churchill. Call or email us for more information about this magnificent wilderness adventure.

If you prefer the rugged Canadian Shield of the Bloodvein river or the caribou and muskoxen of the Kazan River we have an adventure package for you. Our Hayes river excursion carries paddlers back to the birth of Canada's fur trade at York Factory. A week on the wilderness whitewater Pigeon river is a whitewater paddler's dream. Novice paddlers will enjoy canoeing instruction on the Manigotagan river or paddling one of our beautiful Canadian Shield lakes.

We specialize in developing customized adventures. Ask us about a wilderness experience suitable for your entire family.


Our expeditions are equipped with Satellite phones for your peace of mind!

Call tollfree (in North America) 1 866 287 1591 or 1 204 452 7049 or email info@WildernessSpirit.com

Wilderness Spirit, 696 McMillan Ave., Winnipeg, 
Manitoba, Canada R3M 0V1
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Adventure writer Anthony Dalton travelled the Hayes River with us in 2000 to gather experiences for his book about the Hayes River. As Wilderness Spirit was assisting the filming of the Discovery Channel's "Great Canadian Rivers" series on the Hayes at the time Anthony was interviewed for the program. Dundrun has just published Anthony's account of his journeys.

"This is the account of the author's invitational journey on the Hayes from Norway House to Oxford House by traditional York boat with a crew of First Nation Cree, and later, from Oxford House to York Factory by canoe in the company of other intrepid canoeists - modern-day voyageurs reliving the past."